Vue.js is a great front-end development framework

Different front-end web application frameworks and why we like Vue.js

When it comes to building for the web, front-end frameworks have become a go-to for many developers. These frameworks help increase development speed and make…

Small businesses as a growth strategy for software companies

Targeting SMBs as a growth strategy for software companies

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) represent a significant growth opportunity for the high tech industry. As companies in this sector look to expand and capture…

Business Transformation as a Service

Business Transformation as a Service

Business transformation as a service (BTaaS) is a service offering that helps companies transform their business operations and processes through the use of technology and…

Product discovery process and user interviews: Why they help your strategy

Product Discovery Process: Everything Product Managers Need to Know

As a product manager at an enterprise company, one of your most important responsibilities is to ensure that your team is working on the right…

What kind of software engineers do I need for my marketing campaign?

What are the different types of software engineers for the web?

Whether you are a head of marketing with no technical background, a CTO, or Engineering manager, it helps to have context as to the types…

Mayven Studios Acquired by Saltwater Capital

Saltwater recently announced the acquisition of Mayven Studios, a leading engineering and design agency, started in San Francisco, now with software engineers around the world….


8 Must-Have Chrome Browser Extensions for Agency Designers

Google’s continuous development of the Chrome browser has brought it a long way over the years, made especially useful due to a massive collection of…


4 Ways to Differentiate Your Agency Pitch (And Win More Business)

Winning high quality clients, reliably, is all about making a great first impression with your pitch. But it’s not just about having a well-designed slide…


How To Handle Project Scope Creep with Agency Clients

It comes in many forms and names. Whether you call it scope creep, requirement creep, function creep, or feature creep, it’s a challenge that all…


How to Make Your Clients Fall in Love With Your Work

There are countless factors to consider in an agency-client relationship. You’ll need to be thinking about where to find your next client, how to pitch,…


Top 4 Issues Designers Have With Developers (And How to Fix Them)

Designers and developers don’t always get along too well. They can have two different mindsets, backgrounds, and approaches to work, which commonly leads to not…


6 UX Tools and Trends Creative Agencies Should Try in 2017

It doesn’t matter how much money and work you put into developing an amazing looking website or an app, if it doesn’t offer any value…

Ben & Cat Photoshoot

5 Steps to Creating an Awesome Design Agency Culture

Finding productivity advice online is easy. Just do a quick Google search for “productivity tips” and you’ll get over 38 million results with plenty of…

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