Simplifying the process for consumers to resolve disputes

The legal process can be complex, confusing and frustrating - especially when it involves a large company. As it turns out, so can legally-focused websites. To better engage customers, FairShake knew they needed a simpler and more comprehensive website. They turned to Mayven for clarity.


The Ask

The team at FairShake has a wealth of knowledge and tools centered around helping people bring official claims against big companies. In addition to information around how they help customers navigate the arbitration process, FairShake has a plethora of self-help resources such as complaints forums, guides and blogs. However, without an easy-to -navigate, clear and comprehensive website, and pages optimized for SEO, potential customers were not getting connected with the company. Additionally, they were getting lost in all the content of FairShake's existing site, struggling to find the information they deeply needed. To solve the challenge and capture the attention of their customers, FairShake came to Mayven seeking a brand new website designed specifically for growth marketing in addition to new company logos to help the company standout.


Big companies don’t play fair. But we’ve got your back.

The Build

In close collaboration with FairShake, the Mayven design team carefully selected and analyzed the website color palette, icons, photos, buttons and opportunities for automation, placing each design element strategically within bold design layouts to capture the eye of the customer. Special attention was also dedicated to the design of the FairShake company logo. Different logo concepts were refined and finalized with FairShake choosing the one that resonated most with their mission and call to action.

The marketing site was developed using CSS, Javascript and HTML. WordPress was used for the new CMS. Mayven’s engineering team incorporated the design layouts and coded the site in a manner that provided FairShake with the ultimate flexibility to choose different templates, button colors, etc. post-launch and to upload content quickly once posted. As a means to direct readers to the website Mayven also built custom landing page templates scaled for SEO.

FairShake for the win

With a new name, branding, and website, the FairShake team can continue to help consumers around the country.

The Win

The consumer arbirtration process has never looked brighter. With FairShake's new website and logo, the company is standing out to customers as the place to go to feel empowered when they have been mistreated by companies. Through easy-access guides, customer reviews, and articles, FairShake's customers can easily navigate the website to access tools and information to use to their advantage or to reach directly to FairShake for support. From the company perspective, providing information to FairShake's target audiences in a clear and concise manner and engaging the customer rather than overwhelming them is no longer a primary concern.

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