Stepping into marketing to allow the product team to focus on what they do best

The growth of Mixpanel to over 20,000 customers did not happen overnight. It took time for companies to realize just how powerful the company’s blend of analytics and marketing tools can be. But once it caught on, Mixpanel knew they had to focus their product team and bring in support to augment the marketing team's need to redesign the marketing site and campaign assets.


The Ask

Mixpanel was growing at such a rapid pace, the team needed a system that would scale as quickly as they were. Mayven was given the charge to redesign a mobile-first website that the marketing could own and change as needed. This called for an entirely new codebase.

In addition, the company was starting to realize worldwide exposure. With this great great opportunity came new challenges. How would Mixpanel get across to the ‘universal visitor’ their selling point and complex product features? Would potential new customers know what Mixpanel means when saying, “automated segmentation”?

Both Mayven and Mixpanel saw challenges ahead and asked two major questions:

How do we best re-platform, so that marketing can manage the content while the site remains unique-looking and highly responsive?

What new visual elements can be introduced that will communicate to global audiences the brand’s groundbreaking functions and differentiation?

The Build

For the project, Mayven engaged Mixpanel across both its marketing and engineering teams. Together, Mayven, engineering and marketing would rebuild Mixpanel.com’s entire web delivery strategy.

As the project progressed and its scope more clearly defined, Mayven built an entirely new front-end for marketing using WordPress. For optimal mobile responsiveness, coding included additional HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and the site was optimized and load-tested prior to launch.

The new marketing site’s font styles, color palette, and visual elements work in unison. The website communicates the brand’s technology leadership—one that is both practical and easy to use.

Mayven created wholly original animations, seeking ways to show rather than tell the visitor about ideas like “data anomalies” and “ automatic insights.” Highly branded, these illustrations have become elements core to Mixpanel’s story, conveying a broad array of tools and uses.


The Win

The separation of marketing and product code achieved goals on several levels for Mixpanel. Marketing now manages the website, updating news, blogs, white papers, and other public-facing content without needing help from engineering. This speeds how marketing responds to media inquiries, post late-breaking white papers to customers, and other marketing communications.

Engineering can now focus solely on product development, delivery and uptime—to customers across 150 countries and counting.

The look and feel of the site, running on WordPress, comes off the screen as highly branded and responsive on mobile devices. Mayven’s visual marketing elements and animations populate nearly all Mixpanel’s corporate messaging. The visuals work double-duty as both product marketing tools and creative pixels, embedded throughout Mixpanel’s overall brand.

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