Turning automotive dreams into reality.

Since its founding in 1962, Pertronix has been commited to building the most reliable automotive high performance parts and solutions. As the company acquired more brands and developed more products, Pertronix knew it was also time for a high-performance, best-in-class website powered by Shopify and designed and coded by Mayven.


The Ask

To meet the ever-changing needs of the market and its customers, Pertronix is continuously developing automotive products and acquiring a wide array of brands. However, without a hassle-free e-commerce website, Pertronix knew that they would be unable to reach the customers who were increasingly turning to the internet for automotive purchases nor gather key customer information tied to driving sales growth. Additionally, with multiple brands each with distinct cutures and identities, the company wanted a way to preserve them yet find a way to unify them under one main brand. To solve these challenges, Pertronix came to Mayven for help.

The Build

Covering all of our areas of expertise- Mayven designed, developed and managed Pertronix’s e-commerce project end-to-end.

Brand Strategy - The project team worked closely with the Pertronix executive team to ensure that competitive environments, consumer needs, and emotions were incorporated into the design build. Essential elements of the design process including competitor analyses, user personas and a positioning statement were developed for the website and made reusable for Pertronix’s future marketing needs.

Brand Identity and Architecture - Overall brand identity was carefully curated to mantain the uniqueness of each brand yet showcase the essence of the company. A bold color pallete, slick designs and unifying logos were designed to match the vibrance and uniquness of each brand.

Digital Discovery - Mayven performed a deep-dive of the exisiting site, analyzed the current infrastructure and presented recommendations on what to build, how to build it and what integrations were needed.

Photography and Content - Mayven managed photography production in order to produce, direct and shoot all approved concepts and storyboards. To give texture and life to the website, compelling shots of beautiful cars were added that spoke to each of the Pertronix brands.

Front-end Development - Incorporating the photos, designs, copy and coding into the overall website aesthetic, the team created Shopify templates. The site was developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript without any front-end framework.

Custom Integration - From inventory tracking, order processing and ERP to shipping rates and tax tools, Mayven recommended and implemented custom integration solutions replacing manual processes and expanding payment systems for an efficient e-commerce storefront.

Shopify Development - Bringing the direct-to-consumer e-commerce site to life, the Mayven engineering team built the site designs on Shopify providing Pertronix with ultimate flexibility to edit content and gather analytics.

QA Testing - QA testing including device testing, responsive testing, and visual testing were performed throughout the entire development process. User Acceptance Testing scenarios were also provided for customer testing.

Zooming to eCommerce

Mayven and Pertronix colloborated to bring iconic automotive brands into 2020 with an evolved brand and Shopify eCommerce site.

The Win

Pertronix now has a refreshed look for their brands, beautiful designs, custom photography, and an intuitive, secure, easy-to-use website for both them and their customers. Customers can come in through the different brand ‘doors” and find product recommendations, technical information, application specifications and much more. No longer does the company have to deal with manual processes of inputing orders or turning away customers who prefer credit cards to Paypal. Finally, to achieve the ulitmate goal of increasing sales growth, the platform and integrations chosen by Mayven provide Pertronix with key information around site users, user engagement, order history, and the latest eCommerce best practices.

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