Connecting unique voices to unique brands.

Podcorn takes the pain out of finding and sponsoring on-demand audio shows. We make it easy for brands to connect to the right podcasters to create authentic messages that resonate and engage listeners across audio platforms.


The Ask

Serial entprenuers from Famebit (sold to YouTube) came to Mayven with a new concept in the fast growing podcast space. They wanted to know how we could build an advertising marketplace for podcasters and brands to connect — something no team has built so far. Mayven brought the marketing site and web application to life through design and engineering. The result is a product that has gone on to raise successful rounds of funding and is growing quickly each month with new podcasters and brands coming on board.

The Build

Mayven built the marketing site on WordPress and the web application marketplace on Laravel / PHP. This combination of platform is common in Silicon Valley where we are based — a CMS for the marketing team to be successful, and a robust custom application that is built and ready to scale to millions of concurrent users without issue.

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