Helping people find what to cook for dinner with ingredients they already have.

We got tired of not knowing what to cook for dinner, so we built an app that tells you just that. With Recipeas App, you should be able to find delicious recipes to make right now without having to plan an elaborate meal or make any trips to the grocery store.

The Ask

No more struggling to find out what to cook for dinner, that was the goal: to help millions of people get creative and cook different things, without having to leave to the grocery store. So, our biggest ask was to create an intuitive search page that would make it super easy for users to add whatever ingredientes they had at home. Then, we just had to let the app perform its magic, by sorting among thousands of recipes, the ones that are most likely to match with the audience needs. As a result, several recipeas are presented in a beautiful, infinite scroll page.

Stop askingwhat's for dinner.

The Build

Recipeas App will tailor a list of recipes based on what ingredients you already have. Just answer a few simple questions, and within a minute you'll have great ideas for dinner. Besides coming with a wide variety of recipes, including low carb, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan meals, the app also features a unique recipe search, built with Swift and with a python backend, and has 1,000+ recipes from hundreds of food blogs, recipe sites, and celebrity chefs.

The Win

With a beautiful and simple application, we managed to deliver a succesfull product that is already in the hands of thousands of users worldwide. People are loving how easy it is to add their ingredients and find out new recipes that they can make right away. The app has currently been downloaded by more than 10,000 people and has a 5 stars user rating on the App Store.

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