Basics of content marketing for startups and tech companies

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How to Effectively Use Content Marketing to Build a Strong Brand in the Tech Industry

Are you a marketer looking to scale up your content marketing efforts? Or perhaps looking for some ideas of how best to get started with content marketing for your company?

Content marketing at the end of the day is about consistency and discipline. You have to produce content that is compelling of course, but you should follow the 3 C’s of content: consistency, compelling, and calculated.

  1. Consistency: You need to post on a regular basis that your brand followers can rely on. It might be daily, weekly, or quarterly, but it should be consistent.
  2. Compelling: Your content should be compelling to read or watch, and be interesting to your audience
  3. Calculated: Your content should be calculated — you need to do research and focus on content that actually has traffic and generates leads to your site (vs shouting into the internet ether)

If you’re interested in learning more about how to increase ROI on your content marketing efforts, read more below.

What is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is the practice of curating and sharing valuable content online. This content could be shared on websites or social media. When executed correctly, a content marketing plan can help attract, engage, and retain a target audience.  Content marketing can come in the form of blog posts, white papers, video content, newsletters, infographics, and more. Any informative content that your target customer might want to read falls into the content marketing category.

The Importance of content marketing. 

Content marketing is used to boost engagement, but at it’s core it’s about educating and engaging your customers with content that they find interesting. You can’t just post any content, it should be quality. As you produce more content on a particular subject you are interested in and is relevant to your business, it can help you to establish your tech company as a thought leader by enhancing credibility.

How to Effectively Use Content Marketing to Build a Strong Brand in the Tech Industry

Define Target Audience.

The first step toward executing a successful content marketing strategy is to have a clear understanding of the company’s target audience. This means that business owners know exactly how to appeal to them and meet their needs.

Develop a Content Strategy.

Developing a content strategy is about far more than deciding what to post and when. Companies should also ensure that their strategy aligns with their long-term goals for their brand.

Case study: Hubspot’s content marketing

Hubspot’s expert marketing campaign focused on sharing educational content that empowers its audience to take the next steps in their sales careers. To find out more, check out this case study.

Case study: Intercom’s Content Marketing

As discussed in Intercom’s case study, their strategy is again built upon sharing crucial industry knowledge with their readers, focusing on leadership and business development. 

Incorporate Different Content Types.

Varied content is essential when appealing to a wide audience. As such, companies should curate a range of content, including blogs, videos, infographics, and whitepapers. 

Promote and Distribute Content.

High-quality content deserves to be seen, meaning tech companies must focus on distributing this content across a range of channels instead of limiting themselves to a select few. This could include social media, mailing lists, and paid advertising. 

Measuring Success. 

Companies should analyze metrics such as website traffic, post engagement, and conversions to ensure their campaign is as effective as possible.

Continuous Improvement. 

The world of content marketing is changing every day – which means that companies should continuously asses and evaluate their practices to stay ahead of the curve.

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