How to tell a compelling brand story

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The Importance of Brand Storytelling in the Tech Industry

When you are a marketer in the tech industry, sometimes you are working with a brand that is undefined or opaque at best. Maybe you are a marketer who just joined a fast growing startup and need some inspiration to tell your brand story. Or perhaps you are looking for good ways to articulate the brand story of your business through a brand storytelling methodology.  At Mayven Studios, we’ve helped to build brands and also worked with some of the best branding agencies in the world to uplevel and grow a brand online.

The importance of a compelling brand story in the tech industry is obvious from some of the most memorable brands in the world, like Airbnb. Vacation rental businesses existed before (and still do), but Airbnb is the leader in the space, and a big reason is their brand storytelling. Here’s an example of work we did with Airbnb called HostedWalks, an excellent example in brand story telling.

Airbnb – Hosted Walks from Micro-Moments on Vimeo.

If you liked this and want to learn more about brand storytelling and the ways it can benefit your company and boost sales, read more. We will discuss what brand storytelling is, best practices and tips for success, as well as why you must measure results. 

What is Brand Storytelling?

When you create and share an authentic and compelling brand story for your audience you have the chance to better engage and connect with your customers in the tech industry. 

It’s a way to not only build trust and an emotional connection with your customers, but it’ll also help you stand apart from your competitors. 

How to Craft A Compelling Story & Best Practices

Focus on coming up with a unique and authentic brand story for your tech company that touches on your brand’s values, mission, and history. Incorporate this story into all areas of your marketing including with your advertising, content marketing, and customer interactions. 

Some best practices to apply include being authentic and consistent. Make sure your brand story is engaging, and do your best to mix in customer feedback. If you’re struggling with this task, you can always choose to hire professional brand storytelling services to ensure a positive outcome and ROI.


Here you can see a few examples and case studies of companies that have done this effectively. 

  • Apple: Apple’s brand storytelling focuses on its commitment to design, simplicity, and innovation in its “Think Different” ad campaign.
  • Dropbox: Dropbox’s brand storytelling centers on its mission to simplify the way people work, as portrayed in their “Because it Works” campaign.
  • Tesla: Finally, Tesla’s brand storytelling highlights its mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, which is clear in its “Sustainable Energy for All” campaign.

Measuring Success

There are a few metrics you should use to measure the success of your brand storytelling efforts in the tech industry. These are brand awareness, customer engagement, and customer loyalty, to name a few. 

Remain relevant and impactful in the tech industry by monitoring your performance and results and be sure to continuously make adjustments and improvements over time.

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