5 Tips for Growing Your Web Design Agency

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After successfully launching a new web design company and receiving a few repeat clients, most businesses usually gets trapped inside a comfort zone. They just stop trying to impress their clients or even look for new and better clients.

Of course, making a good profit is the number one goal of any business. However, it shouldn’t be your only goal.

Never let profit margins, finances, or budgets keep you from achieving greatness. You may be running a small web design agency with a couple of your friends, but you could also be the guys who design the next version of Google Play, or something even greater.

If you’re the owner of a web design business or at least plan on building one, here are a few tips for building a company that grows bigger in size each day.

Do Work That Gets You Noticed

The key to building a reputation for your design business is doing remarkable work that gets your brand noticed, each and every single time. And that includes everything!


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Take Richard Branson for example. Everything he does, from jumping off of buildings to risqué kitesurfing, is so incredible that no matter where you go people recognise his name in an instant.

Now, there’s no need for you to jump off a building to get your web design company noticed. You can follow some simple methods instead, like actually doing some great work worth talking about.

You can start by treating your clients equally. Instead of treating different clients depending on the amount of money they’re paying or the complexity of the work they bring, be persistent with the quality of your work despite who your client is.

Create a unique identity for your brand and business. Follow a set of standards or a certain design style when developing websites. Make people think of your company name whenever they see a website on the web.

Say “No” To Smaller Clients

For many types of businesses, saying “No” to a small client is considered a bad practice. But, that doesn’t apply to a web design business.

Website design and development is hard work. Whether you’re working with a small client or a big client you still have to put a lot of work into designing, developing, coding, testing, and many other aspects that go into delivering projects.

It all cost you the same amount of time. Learning to properly manage your clients will play an important role in the growth of your business.

Think about it, would you rather do a simple job for a small client to get paid instantly or use that time to do a job for a client who would bring in more work for you in the future or get your company noticed?

Outsource Your Development Work

Imagine this: You’ve just received a great proposal from a big client to design a website. The payout is really good. But, the only problem is the client also wants a web app developed and you don’t have a developer on your team who can code web apps. Sounds familiar?

That type of situations are common for a new web design business. When starting out, you’ll have to settle for a small team to work with until you grow the business. But that doesn’t mean you have to limit your capabilities.

There’s a simple solution to issues like that: Outsource the job!


Mayven is a great platform that you can use to outsource your big or small development jobs to expert web developers at an extremely affordable cost.

Don’t confuse Mayven as a site for finding freelancers. These guys work as a business to offer front-end development, WordPress development, web app development, and mobile app development services on-demand.

It’s much easier and safer than hiring freelancers. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect freelancer for your job or ending up with poor results. Mayven takes full responsibility for their work.

You can just focus on finding clients and cashing in the paycheck.

Use A Project Management Tool

Organizing your workflow and keeping your team in-sync with each step of the project is crucial for making deadlines and delivering impressive results.

Instead of using local networks or Dropbox to share project files, take your workspace to the cloud by using a project management tool like Basecamp.


Basecamp allows you to create an online workspace for you and your team to communicate, share, and keep each other on track while managing multiple projects.

With the help of this tool, you won’t have to worry about finding which one of your team members is behind schedule, who makes mistakes, or getting important files lost.

Find Team Members Who Are Great All-Rounders

Obviously, you can’t do all the work yourself. You’ll need a team support you.

But, since you can only afford a small team when starting your company, you should always look for ways to make the most of each and every one of your team members.

“If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, it’s too large.” – Jeff Bezos

While it makes sense to hire only the experts to cover each aspect of your web design projects, you should also keep in mind that you can’t afford a 20-member team for your small web design company.

Instead, create a smaller team with people who are great at doing more than just one thing. For example, find web designers who are good at user experience design or graphic design. Or try to find web developers who also knows their way around mobile app development.

You don’t have to limit your search to local talent. You can even try and create a remote team and outsource rest of the work to Mayven.

Growing a business is a learning process and it never ends. But, if you focus on improving your services and delivering quality work, you’ll see your business grow at a rapid rate.

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