What is the Difference Between Virtual and Augmented Reality?

Just a few years ago, we’d look at blurry photos of Earth taken by satellites in amazement at how far our technology had progressed. Today,…


How (And Why) to Test Your Next Project Idea With a Remote Dev Team

It’s a tricky dilemma. Your business is growing, your priorities are already stretched, and there aren’t enough hours in the day. But you’ve had one…


8 Must-Have Chrome Browser Extensions for Agency Designers

Google’s continuous development of the Chrome browser has brought it a long way over the years, made especially useful due to a massive collection of…


Getting Started with Swift Development: 4 First Steps to Take

If you’ve ever thought of building an iOS or Mac app, then you need to get familiar with Swift. It’s the new programming language and…

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5 Popular Node.js Frameworks (And What They Do)

Node.js is a tool to help developers build apps outside the browser environment using JavaScript. It’s an emerging technology that bridges the gap between the…


5 Best Cross-Platform Mobile Dev Tools for Your Next Project

A few years ago, building cross-platform mobile apps was difficult, to say the least. Developers had to write code and systems from scratch to develop…


How Siri, Alexa, and Conversational Systems are Changing Business

The conversations of the future are between a person and a machine. With just a few voice prompts you can play music, look up information,…


Learning When to Say ʺNoʺ and Keep Perspective

Sometimes the best answer isn’t the one that’s easiest to say. While there are many business consultants that encourage you to say “yes” and take…


20 Inspiring Creative Agency Portfolio Page Designs From 2017

For a design agencies, your website is one of the most powerful weapons you have. It’s a great tool to showcase your skills, creativity, and…

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Asana and How to Monetize Your Work By-Products

When Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein were working at Facebook, they found it difficult to effectively collaborate on the projects they were working on. So,…


4 Ways to Differentiate Your Agency Pitch (And Win More Business)

Winning high quality clients, reliably, is all about making a great first impression with your pitch. But it’s not just about having a well-designed slide…


What is Machine Learning? A 5 Minute Introduction

Machine learning still feels like a futuristic concept — a connected set of technologies and algorithms that allow computers to learn new skills, context, or…


20+ Best Mobile App Landing Pages of 2017

There are several types of landing page. You might be aiming to generate leads, tease a new product or service, offer a freebie, or ask…


How To Handle Project Scope Creep with Agency Clients

It comes in many forms and names. Whether you call it scope creep, requirement creep, function creep, or feature creep, it’s a challenge that all…

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6 Killer Tips for Better Front-End Design

Building a beautiful, modern front-end design requires more consideration than ever before. From user experience, to bold visual elements, to animation — there’s a lot to…


4 Reasons Why You Donʹt Need an In-House Dev Team

The cost of employee salaries mounts up fast when you’re building a dev team — it’s well known that salaries are the biggest expense for…


How to Make Your Clients Fall in Love With Your Work

There are countless factors to consider in an agency-client relationship. You’ll need to be thinking about where to find your next client, how to pitch,…


Top 4 Issues Designers Have With Developers (And How to Fix Them)

Designers and developers don’t always get along too well. They can have two different mindsets, backgrounds, and approaches to work, which commonly leads to not…


How To Build, Develop, and Ship a Project in 3 Weeks

Do you have a stellar idea, but a short time frame? Or maybe you just need a deadline to jump-start your minimum viable product (MVP)…


8 Key Technology Trends to Expect in 2017

It can sometimes feel like technology is evolving too fast to keep up. But peek into the industry a bit, and you can see some…


How (And Why) to Eliminate Recurring Meetings

In the US, there are 25 million meetings per day. Unproductive meetings costs companies more than $35 billion per year, and these meetings waste 15%…


6 UX Tools and Trends Creative Agencies Should Try in 2017

It doesn’t matter how much money and work you put into developing an amazing looking website or an app, if it doesn’t offer any value…


3 Traits That Separate Great Software Teams From Good Software Teams

A good software team can help you meet your digital needs, but might leave you wanting for more. A great software team anticipates the needs…


Should You Develop an Apple Watch App?

To create a watch app or not to create a watch app, that is the question. When you are thinking about digital design strategy it’s…


4 Tools to Create Functional Mockups Without Code Compared

Have you ever wondered why companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft invest millions of dollars in creating prototypes of products before sending them into production?…

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3 Ways to Add Application Development to Your Agency Repertoire

Application development is becoming more important for your business every day. You don’t just need a website and team to build and develop it; having…

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Getting Started With Open Source and GitHub

When Linus Torvalds first released the original version of Linux back in 1994 under the General Public License (GNU), he would’ve never even imagined how…


Make a Great First Impression with a New Agency Client

Successfully closing a deal with a client depends on how comfortable they feel with your agency. And it all starts with your first meeting with…


How To Keep Your Agency Team Skilled Up

Have you ever wondered why some companies get stuck in routines and stop developing? This could happen to your team. New trends and technologies are…


15+ Examples of Design Agency & Brand Style Guides

Have you ever considered developing a properly documented style guide to build your brand identity? Often times this question receive a negative answer. And don’t…

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5 Steps to Creating an Awesome Design Agency Culture

Finding productivity advice online is easy. Just do a quick Google search for “productivity tips” and you’ll get over 38 million results with plenty of…


Hiring From Anywhere: Why You Should Think Distributed Team First

Buffer, the company behind the popular social media marketing tool, recently reached a special milestone as their team grew bigger. Now, the company gets powered…


10 Essential Apps for Running a Web Design Agency

Finding clients, managing projects, tracking team progress, organizing finances. Running a web design business is no walk in the park. Thankfully, you’re not living in…

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4 Project Management Apps for Design Agencies Compared

Have you ever wondered how some entrepreneurs are able to run companies and manage teams even while they’re traveling around the world or relaxing on…


5 Tips for Growing Your Web Design Agency

After successfully launching a new web design company and receiving a few repeat clients, most businesses usually gets trapped inside a comfort zone. They just…


4 Tools for Quick, Professional Invoicing Compared

Do you still use Google Docs to create invoices for your clients? Or generate dull invoices with PayPal? Then it’s time for an upgrade because…

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25+ Best Design Agency Websites of 2017

Learn How Mayven Works With Creative Agencies Planning on designing a website for your agency, or maybe revamping your old site? Well, you came to…


How To Choose a Name for Your Design Agency

Coming up with the perfect name for your business might just be the hardest part of starting up a web design company. You’ll come up…


Starting a Web Design Agency: 5 First Steps to Take

So, you’ve just finished learning all the necessary skills for designing websites, saved up some money, read some articles on entrepreneurship, and now you’re all…


How to Create Client Work That Gets Your Design Agency Noticed

With more and more people learning to code and use Photoshop, web design has now grown to be one of the most competitive industries in…


15+ Inspiring Design Agency Portfolio Websites

Having a killer design agency portfolio website is the best way to persuade your big design clients to hire you. Your portfolio website is the…


Onboarding Design Agency Clients: 6 Vital Tips & Ideas

Have you ever wondered why 90% of all startups fail within the first year? Well, there are many reasons, but the most common reason of…