The Benefits of Migrating From Drupal to WordPress

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Choosing the right CMS is essential for maintaining a reliable website and ensuring the longevity of your brand. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a global e-commerce site or a small online retail business, you need a content management system that serves your needs and cultivates growth.

The most popular CMS is WordPress, which now powers a majority of the websites on the internet. Drupal is an older but still popular content management system in use by about 3% of the web. In our experience, WordPress is a better solution for the long term, with less technical debt and easier to maintain and use for marketing teams as they build their content marketing engine.

Although the two CMS platforms have many similarities, one reigns significantly over the other. If you are currently hosting your business website in Drupal, here are some great reasons to consider migrating to WordPress.

The Benefits of Migrating From Drupal to WordPress

  • WordPress is much more accessible to those without expert coding skills.
  • WordPress developers are generally cheaper to hire than Drupal developers (because there are a lot more WordPress developers)
  • WordPress has better range — you can do more with WordPress without a developer needing to be involved
  • WordPress offers a much greater level of thematic customization, with thousands of free and premium themes available.
  • WordPress provides user-friendly search engine optimization features, integrating with plugins such as Google AdWords and SEM Rush.
  • There is an enormous number of third-party plugins available for WordPress CMS. This allows complete customization of your website.
  • WordPress is cost-effective, offering a high return on investment and low cost maintenance.
  • Since it is the most widely-used platform, WordPress offers considerably greater levels of community support than any other CMS on the market,


In summary, although Drupal has many advantages as a CMS platform, the benefits offered by WordPress are unsurpassed. Get in touch to learn more about migrating from Drupal to WordPress. We’ve planned and executed hundreds of site migrations to WordPress so that marketing teams can scale faster.

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