Mayven at WWDC — Apple Developer Conference in San Jose

We’re excited to participate in Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Jose!   Hope to see you there, and reach out to to…

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Re-launching Mixpanel

After many hours of work and amazing effort from the Mixpanel and Mayven teams, we’re excited to announce the relaunch of the website!  With…


Why Software Developers Should Track Their Time

This week’s post written by Dann Albright, Marketing Manager at Hubstaff Time tracking is a surprisingly controversial topic among developers. Some swear by it, and…


How (And Why) to Test Your Next Project Idea With a Remote Dev Team

It’s a tricky dilemma. Your business is growing, your priorities are already stretched, and there aren’t enough hours in the day. But you’ve had one…

Email template checklist

Create Amazing Emails with the Really Good Email Checklist

Creating a great looking email campaign that also converts can be a challenge for even the cleverest marketer. That’s why our friends at Campaign Monitor…


Getting Started with Swift Development: 4 First Steps to Take

If you’ve ever thought of building an iOS or Mac app, then you need to get familiar with Swift. It’s the new programming language and…


5 Best Cross-Platform Mobile Dev Tools for Your Next Project

A few years ago, building cross-platform mobile apps was difficult, to say the least. Developers had to write code and systems from scratch to develop…


Contract or full-time? Which to hire and how to evaluate the costs.

Building software is expensive And, making software is not like making widgets. They may call it computer science but maybe they should call it computer…


4 Reasons Why You Donʹt Need an In-House Dev Team

The cost of employee salaries mounts up fast when you’re building a dev team — it’s well known that salaries are the biggest expense for…


Top 4 Issues Designers Have With Developers (And How to Fix Them)

Designers and developers don’t always get along too well. They can have two different mindsets, backgrounds, and approaches to work, which commonly leads to not…


How To Build, Develop, and Ship a Project in 3 Weeks

Do you have a stellar idea, but a short time frame? Or maybe you just need a deadline to jump-start your minimum viable product (MVP)…

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How to Build a Software Specification Document

We’re entering a time when most professional’s day-to-day work touches some aspect of code. At Mayven we are seeing more and more teams turn to…