An Exhaustive List of Marketing Automation Tools for B2B Software Companies

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A marketing automation stack is the collection of tools and technologies that a company uses to automate and streamline their marketing efforts. The specific tools and technologies included in a marketing automation stack can vary depending on the company’s needs and goals.

For a B2B (business-to-business) company, a typical marketing automation stack might include the following components:

  1. CRM (customer relationship management) software: This tool helps the company manage and track interactions with potential and current customers. Examples include Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
  2. Email marketing platform: This tool allows the company to create and send targeted email campaigns to their audience. Examples include Mailchimp and Constant Contact.
  3. Social media management platform: This tool helps the company schedule and publish content on social media channels, as well as engage with followers and track performance. Examples include Hootsuite and Buffer.
  4. Marketing automation platform: This tool helps the company automate and streamline various marketing tasks, such as lead generation, lead nurturing, and campaign management. Examples include Marketo and Pardot.
  5. Web analytics platform: This tool helps the company track and analyze website traffic and user behavior to understand how visitors are interacting with their website. Examples include Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
  6. A/B testing platform: This tool helps the company test and optimize different elements of their marketing campaigns to improve performance. Examples include Optimizely and VWO.

Overall, the tools included in a marketing automation stack will depend on the specific needs and goals of the B2B company. Some other potential tools that might be included in a marketing automation stack include chatbots, content management systems, and lead generation software.

The exhaustive list:

Here is a list of 100 marketing SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) tools that can be helpful for internet businesses:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Adobe Analytics
  3. Mixpanel
  4. Heap
  5. Kissmetrics
  6. Crazy Egg
  7. Hotjar
  8. Woopra
  9. FullStory
  10. Unbounce
  11. Optimizely
  12. VWO
  13. Google Optimize
  14. Adobe Target
  15. Zarget
  16. UserTesting
  17. Qualaroo
  18. UserInterviews
  19. Google Ads
  20. Bing Ads
  21. Facebook Ads
  22. Instagram Ads
  23. LinkedIn Ads
  24. Twitter Ads
  25. Pinterest Ads
  26. Snapchat Ads
  27. Reddit Ads
  28. Quora Ads
  29. Amazon Advertising
  30. Google Shopping
  31. Etsy Ads
  32. eBay Ads
  33. Shopify Ads
  34. Magento Ads
  35. WooCommerce Ads
  36. BigCommerce Ads
  37. Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  38. Adobe Experience Platform
  39. Segment
  40. Tealium
  41. Lytics
  42. Treasure Data
  43. Redpoint Global
  44. BlueConic
  45. Acquia CDP
  46. Mailchimp
  47. Constant Contact
  48. AWeber
  49. GetResponse
  50. ConvertKit
  51. Drip
  52. ActiveCampaign
  53. Hubspot
  54. Infusionsoft
  55. Marketo
  56. Pardot
  57. Hootsuite
  58. Buffer
  59. Sprout Social
  60. Later
  61. Planoly
  62. CoSchedule
  63. AgoraPulse
  64. Zoho Social
  65. Sendible
  66. SocialBee
  67. Asana

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