What is an MVP?

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Nate McGuire in Development category

Success in business can be found in many ways, but not every strategy is going to work for every business. You need to consider your resources, the amount of time you have to start making money, and your goals – any factor can impact how you go about reaching your goals, so what is an MVP and when should it be used?

What is an MVP?

An MVP, or minimum viable product, is essentially an unfinished product that you release to your audience. The goal is to get it out as soon as possible to make it easy for you to collect customer feedback. The key is to release something that shows enough promise to give your audience something to look forward to, and something to reflect their wants and needs. 

While unfinished might sound like you’re releasing a bad product, the key is to find a middle ground that you’re comfortable releasing. Putting your focus on one aspect of the product that gives customers enough enjoyment, without taking too much time to produce it.

Why should you release an MVP?

If you feel like you’ve already got a solid goal and product idea in place, you might be questioning why you would ever want to consider releasing something that’s unfinished. Well, often companies miss the mark with their product ideas, and they also miss a lot of opportunities on the market to their competitors. You’re getting a product out quickly, putting yourself on people’s radar, and you’re learning a lot more about what your audience wants.

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