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Hired and Mayven partner to bring Brand and Campaign experiences to life. Starting with the Global Brand Health Report, we work to enhance visibility of employers in the hiring marketplace. With State of Software Engineering Salaries, our teams brought a custom experience to life to better educate those looking to be hired on relevant salary data. Our work with Hired is ongoing, helping with strategy, design, and development.

Marketplace Application

The Ask

To hire the best talent in technology, you need to work with the best hiring company — Hired.com. They must prove they are the authorities on placing high-performance talent in the world’s best companies. Hired brought in Mayven to help publish a series of interactive, data-centric reports tackling everything from industry salaries to the health of global brands. The degree of customization and interaction called for out-of-the-box content strategy and superior user experience design. The goal? To be picked up by the leading media outlets and further establish Hired as the leaders in the space, capturing qualified recruits and hiring managers along the way.

The Build

When tackling Hired.com’s data-rich report, Mayven’s UI team saw an opportunity — to first engage visitors with major takeaways and then compel them to deeper reading in exchange for contact information. Mayven brought the design to life with custom JavaScript animations, helping to propel this page to be the most shared report yet. Best practices in design make the user's journey compelling on an array of devices and browsers including parallax design, CSS media queries, fluid images, content-aware image sizing, and responsive images using cookies for mobile users.

Tech workers name their most desired employers in the world

To gain a deeper understanding of what people value in a potential employer, we asked our marketplace of tech talent to rank the companies they’d most like to work for. We provided candidates with a list of companies to choose from, and they ranked their interest in working at each company on a five point scale (and offered a sixth option if they had never heard of the company). Companies with a larger number of candidates selecting the top two scores earned a higher ranking, or a higher brand positivity index.

Custom JavaScript Animation

The Win

Mayven’s and Hired’s collaboration built a storyline that draws readers into the data-intensive reports. GIF characters stroll across the screen, stopping the reader to consume the content. Twitter icons act like badges for engagement of thought-provoking highlights. Users can instantly share facts and figures that are tweet-ready with images and links.

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